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Constituent Parts for Batch Four

Published on 24 May 2016

Welcome to the list of constituent parts for batch four. This article lists all of the parts from the batch which can also be obtained as separated components, listing those components and the part that they fit.

448/52000 Differential Assembly

453/23500 Differential Assembly

458/10771 Differential Assembly

458/10819 Differential Assembly

459/10073 Clutch Reverser Unit

459/10248 Clutch Reverser Unit

459/10193 Clutch Reverser Unit

459/10194 Clutch Mainshaft Assembly

15/M04038 Handbrake Caliper

15/M04041 Handbrake Caliper

15/M04037 Handbrake Caliper

15/M04039 Handbrake Caliper

914/87800 Driveshaft

914/87900 Driveshaft