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Component Parts for Batch Six

Published on 17 November 2016

Our sixth batch of JCB spare parts was added to the site in August. The component parts for the parts in batch six were added a little later. This article lists all of the components that were added, referencing the parts they are components for, and linking to their product pages. For more information about any of the parts listed here, or to find a specific part, please contact our team.

This article lists only the parts that were added to the site. Parts that were already on the site are not listed. For a full list of components for any of the parts in batch six, please see the product pages for those parts, which list all of the components under "related parts" at the bottom of the page.

445/79670 Transmission Assembly

460/91950 Transmission Assembly

980/89251 Hammer Kit 1" Return Line

445/26100 Gearbox Assembly

01/145260 Engine Assembly

05/200100 Slew Gearbox

20/906500 Drive Motor Lefthand

20/915000 Hydraulic Pump

20/916400 Drive Motor Righthand

25/213700 Valve Block Assembly - 4 Spool

25/611100 Valve Block Assembly - 3 Spool

273/00140 Clam Bucket 0.75cum