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General Information About JCB Engines

Category: Engines
Published on 22 March 2017
Last Updated: 27 May 2017

JCB engines are some of the top diesel engines you can buy. They are made for construction machines, as well as various lorries. If you already have several machines with JCB engines in them, then you are familiar with their quality and the options that accompany these engines. If you know next to nothing about JCB engines, that is okay. The following information will bring you current.

Six Cylinder Engines and Four Cylinder Engines

JCB engines typically have four or six cylinders. Four cylinder engines are lighter, faster and more conservative with their use of fuel, even though that is really not a concern with diesel engines. Six cylinder engines are heavier, a little slower, but they consistently deliver monumental amounts of power. The power is essential to any machine that has to push, pull, lift or carry several metric tons of soil, rock and/or debris over some distance.

Base Engines, IPUs and G-Drives

From the four- and six-cylinder engines, JCB has developed base engines, IPUs and G-drive engines. Base engines, of course, are the most basic. They are also the easiest to find parts for, since even the older JCB base engine models have fairly common parts and recognizable engine designs.

IPUs, or Industrial/Agricultural Production Units, are tractors, pump machines, injectors, etc. There are four engines that fall under the IPU category, for which JCB produces and provides post-factory parts. Depending upon what you use an IPU engine for, there may be additional parts needed for stationary engines (e.g., floor-mounted versus machine-mounted).

G-Drive engines deliver more power and more speed. There are two current models, the Stage 2/Tier 2 and the Stage 3/Tier 3, for your consideration. These engines have exceptional cooling packs and require maintenance less often. However, should you need them, parts are available for both these engines.

JCB Engine Parts

In the event that your JCB engine ever needs repairs or needs replacement parts, there are plenty of spare parts available. Since all of the above engines are built based on the base model, you will definitely be able to find some main parts, such as a cylinder head, pistons, and piston rings, all of which are essential to the internal movement of the engine and the amount of power exerted when the pistions and cylinders are fully functional.

There are also some secondary parts that are generally for use in just one type of JCB engine, such as the big end shells, which are more commonly found in the larger models of JCB engines. Con rods and big end bearings are also meant for specific engines. Given the number of parts available, you should have no trouble fixing your machines and finding the parts you need.

JCB Engines

Our parts directory includes a number of complete engines, with more due for being added very soon (writing 22 March 2017). The current entries can be found listed below. As always, don't hesitate to contact us for any part you need, big or small! You can find more information about JCB engine parts that are listed in our directory in our engine parts selection and the engine parts category of our directory. And of course the other entries in our JCB parts compendium.

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