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  • Call +44 (0)114 244 7775
  • Call +44 (0)114 244 7775

Looking for JCB parts? Contact our team for any part you need. From our headquarters in Sheffield, UK, we specialise in the worldwide delivery of spare parts for JCB machines. Welcome to Swift Plant Spares.

JCB Parts Specialist

Swift Plant Spares Ltd. have been specialising in the supply of JCB spare parts since 1981. We take pride in the extensive product knowledge of our staff. The warehousing facilities we operate in Sheffield have over 25,000 lines. We maintain industry contacts to source the parts that you need.

Our stock lines are chosen carefully by our managing director, to optimise stocking of the parts customers need. We supply spares to local, national and international customers. A dedicated team is on hand to help ensure that you get the right part for your machine as quickly as possible.

Our highly trained staff have over 100 years combined knowledge and expertise supplying JCB spares, plant machines, site dumpers, engine spares, Batyole lubricants, rockbreaker, spare parts and tools, plant spares, rubber tracks, excavator buckets and wear parts. We provide a high level of customer service and if one of our team can’t help with your enquiry, then another member of the team certainly can.

If we don’t have a part in stock we can source any item from the manufacturer directly. Next day delivery available on most items, providing they are in stock and dependent on courier. Your unique ID number enables you to track your delivery via DPD (UK) or TNT (international).

Please call +44 (0)114 244 7775 or +44 (0)114 261 0829, contact us by form or email or browse our online parts catalogue.

Online Parts Database

Our website database of JCB parts is in the process of being built. You are always accessing the latest version when you use our website. The aim of our database is to provide information on JCB parts that we stock or are able to obtain for you. We only provide limited information on which particular machines a part fits. This is due to the complexity of gathering the data and also because the correct part will vary dependent on the serial number of the machine.

Our parts database can be accessed in any of the following three ways:

  • JCB Parts Catalogue (Recommended)
    Enables you to browse all of the products in our database from one place. Also includes both of the functions provided below, in a slightly more complicated interface.
  • JCB Parts Directory
    Each part has been assigned to one category in our directory. Choose a category and then browse the parts within it through a simpler interface.
  • JCB Parts by Model Type
    Enables you to view parts that fit a particular type of JCB model. Choose a model type to browse parts for that model type only.

You will find that each of the above three options in fact provide the same information in different ways. The only limitation is that the "Directory" and "By Model Type" methods do not provide a way to search all of the parts, or indeed to display all of the parts in one place. But the Catalogue view does allow this, and also allows the display to be limited by directory category or model type. This is why we recommend the Catalogue mode for browsing our database, and provide the other options for convenience to those who do not need to browse the full catalogue.

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Site Highlights and Updates

Parts Selections

  • JCB Axles

    Featuring a complete listing of all axle assemblies that can be found in our parts directory.

  • JCB Bushes

    All steel and brass bushes from our online catalogue are listed here.

  • JCB Diffs

    This article lists all differentials and inner diffs that can be found in our parts directory.

  • JCB Engines

    A complete listing of JCB engines and short engines that can be found in our parts database.

  • JCB Gearboxes

    We have collected links to all of the gearboxes in our JCB parts database and listed them here.

  • JCB Oil Seals

    Here is a list of all the JCB oil seals from our parts database.

JCB Parts Compendium

Our JCB parts compendium features detailed information on the function of each part, along with listings of those parts in our online database. The parts compendium is being built alongside the development of our online database. The first section being developed is for JCB Engines and the next will be axles.

The latest entries to be added are:

Latest Parts

We are constantly updating our site with more parts for JCB machines. We now have over 2,100 parts listed in our online database and many more to come after that. The latest selection of parts to be added to the site is JCB Parts, Batch Twenty.

The latest updates to our parts directory can be found in the articles below (most recent first).

The parts below were added or updated most recently. The most recent update to a part was 9 July 2024. The most recently updated part is displayed first:

JCB Spares Clearance

We are currently running a clearance of around 150 product lines that are stocked in our warehouse. The clearance listings are separated in to two sections - high value and high volume. Please see the pages below for full listings, or search the parts catalogue using the clearance listings filters.