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Components for Batch Eight

Published on 15 June 2017

The component parts for batch eight are now live on the site. They include parts for a number of axles and differentials amongst other parts.

Only the parts that were newly added in this batch are listed here. If a component was already in the database, it is not included below. For a compete list of components for any particular part, please visit that part's page.

JSA0131 Track Idler Assembly

JRA0215 Recoil Unit

701/80147 Columns Switch

10/909000 Axle Assembly

440/M4521 Rear Axle Assembly

445/14700 Gearbox Assembly

448/05900 Differential Assembly

448/42400 Front Axle Assembly 35KPH

448/56230 Differential Assembly

556/23900 Front Bucket Ram

556/44500 Extending Dipper Ram