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Rear Axle Assembly JRA0362

Product Code:JRA0362
Part Name:Rear Axle Assembly
Part Category:Axles & Transmissions
Fits Selected:

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This part is in our clearance sale. Details as follows:

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Clearance price: £9,500.00

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About this Part

JRA0362 is a complete rear axle fitted to JCB wheeled excavators JS175W and JS200W. This is an axle that is outsourced by JCB from Graziano in Italy, it is a hub braked axle. It comprises of 10/300146 axle casing, 10/300147 half shaft, 10/300148 hub carrier, 10/300109 hub, 10/300110 brake housing, 10/300142 planet carrier, 10/300143 planet gear, 10/300145 diff housing, 10/300144 diff assembly, 10/300062 crown wheel & pinion, 10/300059 input flange, 10/300064 diff housing, 10/300065 diff gear, 10/300067 diff gear.

Separated Components

This rear axle assembly is available to purchase as separated components. We are able to supply the casing, driveshaft, hub, hub carrier, gears, brake housing and brake piston. For more information, see the listings below under "Related Parts". To find the right part for your machine, please contact us.

Database Updates

This part was added to our database 16 June 2016. It was last updated 24 May 2017.