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Component Parts for Batch Five

Published on 12 November 2016

When batch five was added in June, a number of components parts for those parts were also added. This article lists them all with links to the product pages. Contact our team for more information about a specific part of to find the right part for your machine.

The parts from batch five are listed, with the components that were added for them listed beneath. These are not complete listings of components parts, as only parts that were added to the directory are listed. If a component was already listed on the site then it is not included here.

460/92850 4WD Powershift Gearbox Assembly

442/00510 4WD Powershift Gearbox Assembly

442/00470 4WD Powershift Gearbox Assembly

449/03600 4WD Powershift Gearbox Assembly

440/30440 Four Stud Front Axle Assembly

440/30450 Four Stud Rear Axle Assembly

JRA0362 Rear Axle Assembly

04/600665 Gearbox Assembly

04/600803 Gearbox Assembly

561/60156 Dipper Ram Assembly

320/00001 Bespoke Short Engine Assembly

JRC0006 Slew Motor

20/210800 Hydrastatic Hydraulic Pump

25/211800 Valve Block - 4 Spool

25/223038 Valve Block Assembly

25/402000 Valve Block Assembly

25/406200 Valve Block Assembly